Our Story

Hello I am Rachel the creator of Cuddly Crochets.

I first taught myself to crochet when I was expecting my son, just over 5 years ago. I wanted to create a handmade toy that he could love and play with but would also hold huge sentimental value. I wanted to create something special that he could treasure. A symbol of our love.

After creating my first toy, I expanded my range and have since sold a variety of toys to many children across the UK. My aim is simple. I want to create toys that last beyond the childhood years. Toys that can envoke memories or be passed on to future generations. Toys that are special and unique to that child.

To a child, a toy is love, security, comfort and fun. To an adult, a childhood toy provides the doorway to a world of treasured memories. We pride ourselves in making toys that hold a special place in your heart.

Rachel x